Microsoft shows new Windows 10 icons and speeds up Sandbox startup

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Microsoft has released a new test version of Windows 10 that includes a redesigned display for multiple icons within the operating system. In addition, the runtime for containers has been optimized for fast launching of, for example, the Sandbox.

The refreshed view is visible in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343, which Microsoft released for the dev channel. Microsoft highlights the changed icons in the explorer for desktop, documents, downloads and images. For example, the icons for folders no longer show a folder that is open at an angle. From now on, the display will be folders with tabs right in front, with different colors. The trash can icon has also been changed. This too is no longer oriented obliquely, but straight, and the same applies to that of a connected storage disk.

Microsoft started renewing the icons for Windows 10 last year and more applications have now received a new icon, such as Notepad. Microsoft is promising more visual changes, which are reportedly part of a project called Sun Valley.

Microsoft also reports that with the new build version it has optimized the runtime for its container implementation in Windows 10. This would make the runtime lightweight and allow for faster launch times of the Sandbox and Defender Application Guard. In addition, the Chromium-based Edge browser has now also been added to the Sandbox.

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