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Microsoft releases cross-platform password manager

Microsoft has released a cross-platform password manager. His Edge browser was already able to save log-ins, but they can now also be accessed via a Chrome extension and via additional functionality in the Microsoft Authenticator app for iOS and Android.

The password manager can also perform autofill actions in applications on mobile operating systems, just as competitive password managers can. In addition to autofilling in browsers and apps, the password manager also supports capturing a log-in in an app, so that manual storage is not necessary. Microsoft has made an import function for switching from a different password manager. It works with .csv files, but importing directly from Chrome is also an option.

Edge and the Chrome add-on are also available for macOS, so the password manager works on that platform too. The central cloud storage place for the log-ins is the Microsoft account of the user with this app. Finally, Microsoft states that passwords for apps and sites are not the end of the features. Other autofill information such as payment details, addresses, and more will also be supported in the future.

The feature had been in preview since December, but Microsoft now considers it good enough for the general public. The service doesn’t really have a name: in Edge, it simply falls under ‘passwords’, the app is still called Authenticator and the Chrome extension is called Microsoft Autofill.

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