Microsoft re-releases firmware update for Surface Pro 2 tablet

Microsoft has released a firmware update for the Surface Pro 2 tablet. It is the same update that appeared in December last year, but Microsoft stopped the rollout after many users complained about reduced battery life.

Although Microsoft has not yet put the release in the update history of the Surface Pro 2, several users have received the firmware again, ZDNet writes. The update should include improvements in stability and the sleep mode activation when the cover is closed.

Microsoft released the same patch before, but stopped the rollout after many complaints about error codes and battery life reductions. Microsoft said it would investigate and resolve the issues. It is not yet known whether the company has succeeded in this with the new update. Users who installed the December update will receive the new patch, as well as Surface Pro 2 owners who did not yet have the old patch.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released an update for the first-generation Surface Pro, which should bring improvements related to support for the Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2 accessories.