Microsoft puts ‘safe’ for sensitive data in OneDrive

Microsoft has presented a ‘vault’ for OneDrive, in which users can put sensitive data that provides extra security for the service. Thus, it always requires extra security if users want to view the data.

Users must enter a PIN or SMS code, but can also choose to biometrically unlock the safe with, for example, a fingerprint scanner, Microsoft says. Files in the Personal Vault reside in a BitLocker environment in Windows 10, even if users do not use BitLocker to encrypt files.

It is also possible to take photos that go directly into the Personal Vault, such as scans of passports. These will not end up in the Photos app on Android or the Camera Roll on iOS, according to Microsoft.

The feature will be released first in New Zealand, Australia and Canada, Microsoft said. Before the end of the year, all users should be able to use the Personal Vault in the web storage service. In the free version, Personal Vault is limited to a certain number of files, but Microsoft doesn’t say how many there are. Microsoft also increases the storage in the cheapest variant in the paid version from 50GB to 100GB.

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