Microsoft Introduces Open Source Framework for Blockchain Business Applications

Microsoft has announced the so-called Coco framework, with which it wants to enable companies to use blockchain applications, for example for carrying out transactions and managing order processes. The open source framework works with different blockchains.

According to Microsoft, there is compatibility with every blockchain protocol and there are already integrations with Ethereum, Corda from R3 and Intel’s Hyperledger Sawtooth. By combining this with Coco, up to 1600 transactions per second are possible, which according to Microsoft meets the needs of companies. Intel works with the Redmond company as a hardware partner. With its SGX technology, the chip manufacturer supplies a so-called hardware-based trusted execution environment or ‘TEE’, which must ensure the security of transactions.

Schematic representation of how Coco . works

In an accompanying white paper, Microsoft explains that a Coco system consists of a number of different nodes, which accept transactions and execute the code of smart contracts. These nodes could be compared to the role of miners in a public blockchain. The only difference is that all nodes within the Coco network are trusted because they can verify each other’s identity. That does mean that the entire system is at risk if an attacker gains access to a single TEE.

The Coco framework should be available on GitHub next year for Windows and Linux. More blockchain integrations should be added in the future, according to Microsoft.