Microsoft forces installation of PC Health Check app on most Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft is going to install the PC Health Check application on the majority of Windows 10 devices. The tool is intended to check whether a system is suitable for Windows 11, but the app also has even more diagnostics on board that Microsoft now sends to most users.

The application will be installed on most Windows 10 devices via update KB5005463. It concerns the PC Health Check tool, which Microsoft recently made available again. Users could always voluntarily download the tool to verify that their system met the system requirements for Windows 11. In addition, the tool can display diagnostic data, such as information about a device’s battery and storage capacity. Also, PC Health Check can sync user preferences between devices, and installs optional updates to the OS.

The application is now being rolled out to users. Microsoft says that users can remove the application themselves again via the settings of Windows 10. However, according to BleepingComputer, there are also users for whom that does not work. The tool would still reappear after a new Windows update, and in some cases the removal might fail.

The PC Health Check app was introduced in June, but Microsoft quickly had to withdraw the app when it was found to be malfunctioning. The software would indicate to many users that their system requirements did not meet when it was. Several developers have since released their own alternative tools that achieve the same goal.