Microsoft Edge gets feature to pause extensions on site

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Browser Microsoft Edge will probably get a function to pause all extensions a user has on a site with one button press. The site will then reload manually. It looks like Microsoft is testing the feature.

Microsoft is testing two options. In addition to pressing the button at extensions to manually pause them, there will also be a setting to pause extensions on ‘sensitive sites’, this is how Leopeva64 discovered on Reddit. That is a setting that can be found in Edge Canary. For example, on certain payment sites, such as PayPal, extensions are disabled by default. That is visible in the interface.

The other version is to manually pause all extensions via the menu at the top. According to Microsoft, this is to minimize data sharing, although many users may also want to disable extensions because a site cannot handle them. thinks GHacks.

It is still unknown if and when the feature would appear in Edge. Microsoft hasn’t said anything about it publicly yet. Until now, pausing extensions was only possible individually, but not yet collectively. The test does not appear in all editions of Edge Canary, Ghacks notes.

Pause extensions in Edge. Source: GHacks

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