FCC approval shows four Google Pixel 6a models

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An inspection by the American FCC inspection agency shows four models of the Pixel 6a, the still unannounced cheaper version of the Google Pixel 6 smartphones. These are probably models for specific providers.

One of the models has support for 5G on mmWave frequencies, reports Android Police. That may be for the American market, where provider Verizon Wireless offers 5G on mmWave frequencies. Those high frequencies allow high throughputs, but have limited range. Previously, Verizon required 5G phones to support mmWave, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. This year’s iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A53 both don’t support mmWave, but do come out with Verizon.

The other three models do support 5G, but only at lower frequencies. It is unknown whether there are more differences between the models. That is obvious. The support for mmWave takes up space in the housing by adding antennas for it.

The review also shows that Google wants to release the phone in the spring or summer. The manufacturer has asked the FCC to keep the pictures of the device under wraps for six months. This is a common request for inspections. After those six months, internal and external photos of the phone come online, whether it has been announced or not. That shows that the Pixel 6a should be out before then.

That release should take place in July, an earlier rumor said. OnLeaks previously shared renders of the phone, on which it shows great similarities with the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The phone would get a Tensor soc, just like the current Pixel 6 devices. However, the 6a would have an older primary camera sensor, which was already used in the Pixel 3. Google itself seemed to confirm the arrival of the Pixel 6a earlier in a coloring book.

Google Pixel 6a renders via OnLeaks and 91mobiles

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