Microsoft and Linux Foundation establish Green Software Foundation

Microsoft, together with the Linux Foundation and other partners, establishes the Green Software Foundation. With this non-profit organization, the American company wants to help make the IT sector and its practices more environmentally friendly.

The non-profit organization sets itself three goals: First, it aims to develop environmental standards and practices in different domains of IT industries. Subsequently, the organization wants to provide support to other non-profits and academics who enable the development of open source ecological software applications. Finally, the Green Software Foundation will provide training, issue certificates and organize events to stimulate the adaptation of ecological software and increase awareness.

Through these goals, the Green Software Foundation wants to help reduce emissions from the global communications and IT sector by 45% by 2030. The organization now includes Microsoft Accenture, GitHub, ThoughtWorks, Goldman Sachs, Leaders for Climate Action, Watt Time and The Green Web Foundation.

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft unveiled its plan to become a carbon neutral company by 2030. At a special event, the US company announced it would set up a $ 1 billion fund for the benefit of the climate.