Microsoft adds security features to Office 365 for consumers

Microsoft has announced new features for users of the Home and Personal editions of Office 365, with an emphasis on security. Among the functions are ransomware detection and returning to a backup for OneDrive.

With that last function, users can return to an earlier version of OneDrive from the last thirty days, writes Microsoft . This possibility already existed for business users. In addition, the company introduces ransomware detection for its storage service. Once this form of malware is detected, users receive notification by email or on their mobile device. They can then retrieve their files via a recovery process by returning to a safe point, with the time for the infection automatically selected.
A further adjustment in OneDrive is the possibility to share files and to pre-assign them from a password to provide. That is, for example, necessary to enter a shared folder. Outlook also receives a number of new features, such as the option for encrypting e-mail. According to Microsoft, recipients with the web, desktop or mobile Outlook client are not aware of this themselves and other recipients can request a ‘one-time pass code‘ on an Office 365 page to view the e-mail.
Finally, Outlook users should be able to prevent the forwarding of their e-mail with a new function. If they use this then the messages are automatically encrypted, just like attachments. Later this year, Microsoft also wants to introduce a link scanner for Word, Excel and PowerPoint that alerts users when they click on a malicious link in a document.