Metro Exodus Preview

If you still have to go abroad to be able to play Metro Exodus for the first time, you obviously want to go to Russia. However, given the visa requirements that apply to this, it is somewhat impractical. London seems to be a good alternative, after all it is the city where the first metro used to travel. Publisher Deep Silver had therefore rented an old and dilapidated, but hip industrial building in the city center and put together a whole battery of Xbox One development kits on which an early version of the game was running. The building in question has nothing to do with the metro, but it was atmospheric.

To emphasize that the new Metro Exodus is closely connected to the previous parts, the publisher Deep Silver had not only invited a part of the development team, but also Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of the book on which the games from the series are based. Glukhovsky is popular. Some of the journalists present had taken his novels to have them signed by the author, who can make himself understood not only in Russian and English, but also in fluent French.

Emphasize that Exodus connects to the previous parts can not hurt, because there is a striking difference between this third and the two predecessors. This development was already used in Metro: Last Light. Exodus no longer plays mainly in the subway system of Moscow. You go more than ever outside and even leave Moscow.

Artyom is back

The main character in the game is still Artyom. He tries to survive in Russia in 2036, where 23 years before a huge nuclear disaster took place, the consequences of which are still visible everywhere. The setting is therefore equal to what you are used to. In the role of Artyom you move through a largely abandoned and ruined landscape that is inspired by the world around Chernobyl. That world is tangible for the makers of the game, because the studio of developer 4A Games is located in Kiev, about 100 kilometers from the crash site.