Meta Quest headsets get parental control features

Meta will provide the Quest headsets with new parental control features. This allows adults to limit the use of the headset by teens aged 13 or older. According to Meta, the headsets are not suitable for younger children.

In the coming months, the Meta Quest headsets will be getting multiple parental control features. First, it adds an ability to allow parents to lock specific apps. They can then only be opened if the unlock pattern set by them is entered. That Unlock Patern can already be set to lock the headsets in their entirety.

From May, Meta will automatically block the download or purchase of apps by teenagers, if the app in question has an age rating from the International Age Rating Coalition. There will also be an option for parents to view on a case-by-case basis and if necessary allow this. This will only work if teens have linked their account to an adult’s account.

There will also be a Parent Dashboard that can be accessed from the Oculus mobile app. There, parents can link their accounts to those of teenagers. That process must be initiated by the teen and both the teen and parent must give their consent. Through this dashboard, parents can give permission to allow blocked apps and teens can submit an ‘Ask to Buy’ request. In this dashboard, parents can also block specific apps such as the browsers, or disable Link and Air Link, so that the headset cannot be paired with a PC.

Furthermore, the dashboard provides an overview of all apps that the teenagers own and parents can set them to receive a notification when a teenage account makes a purchase. The dashboard also provides insight into screen time and access to the friends list.

The features come with software updates to the Meta Quest headsets, previously known as the Oculus Quest headsets. Meta emphasizes that the Quest devices are only intended for people 13 years of age or older and are not suitable for young children.