Mattel is working on ‘Barbie Hologram’ that responds to speech

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Mattel develops Barbie Hologram: a small box in which the frail young lady is represented as if it were a hologram. Barbie responds to speech and can change clothes, dance and set the alarm. The maker claims to have guaranteed privacy.

Mattel shows Barbie Hologram at the American International Toy Fair. For the time being, it is a concept, but it would certainly be the intention to market the toy in a similar form later this year, but then working. Inside the box, a 3D animation is projected onto a transparent surface, making the famous girl doll appear to float.

With the statement ‘Hello Barbie’ she should come to life, Wired describes. Users can make her dance, change clothes, and otherwise customize her appearance and behavior. In addition, she can set the alarm clock, serve as a night lamp and give a weather forecast.

Barbie Hologram sends voice commands for interpretation to Mattel’s servers. Communications would be encrypted with 256-bit encryption and the company would not store recordings, Mattel emphasizes to allay privacy concerns. The toy would meet all required regulations and provide full access to collected data, is the claim. Barbie Hologram should cost less than $300 in the US.

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