Mark Gurman: iPadOS 16 Gets New Multitasking Features

The next iteration of iPadOS, version 16, will include new multitasking features. That’s according to analyst Mark Gurman. Users will be able to resize app windows and manipulate multiple windows simultaneously, Gurman says.

According to Gurman With these new changes, Apple wants to make its tablets feel more like laptops instead of smartphones. The sources he spoke to confirmed that Apple will be introducing some new features for this in iPadOS 16. These should make switching between tasks easier and allow users to more quickly identify which app is open. It will also be possible to resize app windows, although it is not yet clear how Apple will implement this.

Gurman writes that the new features of iPadOS will be one of the bigger announcements at WWDC 2022, the developer conference that kicks off next Monday in Cupertino. At the end of May, Gurman stated that iOS will get wallpapers with features like widgets on the lockscreen. There would also be support for a lockscreen that can always be left on by turning back the screen refresh rate.

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