How to map out a walking route with Google Maps

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It’s summer vacation and many people now have all the time in the world. Finally you will find the peace and quiet for a nice walk or bike ride. You can easily map out your route via Google Maps and then follow it via the app on your iPhone.

Map out a walking route with Google Maps

Navigation apps like Google Maps help you get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Straight to your goal, along endlessly boring or busy roads. If you walk for pleasure and to relax, that is of course not what you want. Fortunately, you can also map out your own personal walking route for Google Maps. You can do this via the free Google service My Maps. You take the very first steps on your Mac or your computer, the route you take there will eventually appear in Google Maps on your iPhone. We help you on your way!

1. New map

Open My Maps in Safari, via Make sure you’re signed in with your Google account. Click on the ‘Create new map’ button at the top left.

2. To the start

At the top left, it says ‘Untitled card’. Click on it and give your route a clear name. Enter the address of the starting point via the search field at the top and press enter. This is marked by a pin.

3. Add walking route

Click on the ‘Draw a line’ button below the search field and on ‘Add walking route’. Click on the map near the starting point. You can now run a blue line exactly over the desired route…

4. Blue Line

… or you move the cursor directly to a point where you want to go. Then Google itself signs the way there. If you are happy with a part of the route, click to record it.

5. Endpoint

Fill in your route piece by piece. You can undo mistakes with the left arrow below the search bar. When you are back at the starting point, double click there to complete your route.

6. Rest points

Optionally, you can add some breaks on your route, such as a restaurant or place of interest. If you don’t want that, you can skip this and the next step. Do you want it? Tap “Add Layer” in the sidebar and give the layer a meaningful name.

7. Marking

Make sure the layer is highlighted – it will have a blue stripe in front of it. Now click on ‘Marking’ below the search field and put the pin in the right place. Also give the point a logical name.

8. On the iPhone

You can find the route on your iPhone, via the Google Maps app – log in with the same account. Tap ‘Saved’ at the bottom and then ‘Maps’. There you will find your own route!

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