Manufacturer Philips Hue stops using plastic for packaging

LED lamp maker Signify, the company that also releases the Philips Hue products, wants to switch completely to packaging without plastic for all its consumer products from next year. According to the company, this saves 2.5 million kilos of plastic.

Signify stops blister packaging

Instead of plastic, the company will largely use materials made from recycled paper. If that is not enough, Signify will look for other alternatives. Signify currently already has its own policy that prescribes that all packaging must consist of at least 80 percent recycled paper or other sustainable material.

According to Signify, a complete switch to packaging without plastic will use 2.5 million kilograms less plastic annually, the equivalent of 125 million PET bottles. The new packaging is also smaller, according to the company, which makes transport more efficient.

For Philips Hue products, Signify has already started removing the plastic inserts used in the packaging of Hue lamps. For LED lamps, Signify will replace blister packaging with paper boxes. The company will start in Europe in the third quarter of this year. In the rest of the world, this will be implemented from the beginning of 2021.

Signify is currently only implementing the change in its consumer products. The company also makes Li-Fi systems, LED lamps and fixtures for companies, Signify does not report anything about the packaging. Signify is the former Philips Lighting. The name change was implemented in early 2018.