Malaysian authorities flatten 1069 mining rigs of electricity thieves

Malaysian police have crushed 1,069 crypto-asics with a roller, according to local news outlet Dayak Daily. These would come from several mining farms and their owners would have stolen the electricity needed for mining.

A video shows how the police in the Malaysian city of Miri proceed to destroy the mining computers. Dayak Daily also has a photo of the same scene that doesn’t appear elsewhere on the web without their watermark. So the editors of the medium were probably actually there when it happened, but the site is the only original source reporting the scene.

Dayak Daily further writes that the devices together are worth just over a million euros. The devices are said to have been seized between February and April of this year, spread over six raids.

A total of eight suspects have been arrested in this case. The fines they received run up to 1,600 euros and they would also face up to eight months in prison. The stolen energy to run the asics would have cost 1.7 million euros, according to Dayak Daily.