MakerBot Starts Delivery Compact 3D Printer Replicator Mini

MakerBot has started shipping the Replicator Mini, a relatively small 3D printer, which was shown for the first time at CES in January. According to the manufacturer, the 3d printer is intended for home use.

The Replicator Mini can print objects up to 10x10x12.5cm. The required pla-filament has the standard diameter of 1.75mm. The accuracy of the 3D printer is 11 microns on the xy axes and 2.5 microns on the z axis, the resolution is 200 microns. Print jobs can be sent to the device via a USB cable. A version with WiFi should be released soon.

MakerBot has equipped the 3D printer with a built-in camera, allowing you to monitor the progress of a print job with the soon-to-be-released MakerBot Mobile app. Objects can be purchased through the MakerBot Digital Store, among others, or obtained from Thingiverse at no cost. The manufacturer also supplies the Printshop app for tablets. The printer has a price in the US of 1375 dollars, converted just over 1000 euros.