Police want to use fingerprint sensor on new Galaxy S5 service phone

The National Police has ordered 35,000 Samsung Galaxy S5 devices. In addition, the police want to use the fingerprint sensor of the smartphone, for example to carry out identity checks.

An anonymous source within the police told AndroidPlanet that. The National Police would like to replace the outdated BlackBerry devices for Galaxy S5 smartphones. A number of police units are already said to be testing the device as part of the Mobile More Effective on Street 2 project. For example, tasks such as requesting documents and simplifying the checking of license plates are examined.

According to the source, the police are also interested in using the fingerprint sensor in the home button of the Galaxy S5. An app can call this sensor via an SDK from Samsung. The police would look into whether the sensor can be used for, for example, mobile identity checks.

Both the police and Samsung do not want to comment on the news. The police only want to say that it wants to use more mobile apps and that ‘negotiations are being conducted’. Nevertheless, an article can already be found on the intranet of the National Police with the title ‘Samsung S5 possible new service device’. The police would like to introduce the smartphone in the middle of next year.