Major manufacturer stops production Intel Arc GPUs due to quality problems

The release of Intel Arc GPUs is said to be far from smooth after at least one independent GPU manufacturer stops producing video cards based on Intel’s GPU. Also PC manufacturers and sellers would not trust the Arc Alchemist product line.

There would be little confidence in Intel’s new graphics cards in various layers of the PC industry, so reports Igor’s Lab based on various sources. In any case, the German medium spoke to one large board partner who would have completely stopped producing its own video cards based on Intel’s Arc GPUs due to ‘concerns about quality’.

Gunnir Intel Arc A380

In order to protect his sources, Igor Walllossek does not mention concrete names, but it is said to be a ‘great partner’. Companies such as ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte are potential AIBS that make their own various video cards with components from GPU giants such as Nvidia, AMD and, recently, possibly also Intel. To be clear, it is not known whether it is one of those companies, or another party such as EVGA, ASRock, Sapphire, Gunnir or Zotac.

Several companies are said to have confirmed to Walllossek that Intel emphasized to them that the focus should be on the OEM market. Manufacturers are therefore encouraged to resell Intel Arc variants to PC manufacturers, which would not be as lucrative as the individual sale of GPUs.

Unlike competitors, however, Intel reportedly does not provide price guarantees and the company would have very poor terms that would have to support the third-party sales and returns systems. Several sales partners in Germany would not have partnered with Intel for these reasons. Other European “dealers, potential distributors and manufacturers” would also have “little or no interest” in Intel’s new product line, according to Wallossek.

Igor’s Lab emphasizes that these developments happened before the first disappointing benchmarks and reports of driver problems appeared online. For now, official information about the Arc family is scarce, as Intel is releasing the brand new product line very limited and in phases in only a few markets.