Lionhead working on non-Fable game

Development studio Lionhead has stated that it has an unannounced project in development that has nothing to do with the Fable franchise. Meanwhile, the British studio is also working further on Fable: Legends, which should reach the beta testing phase sometime in 2014.

Lionhead studio boss John Needham stated in an interview with Eurogamer that the studio in Guildford, England, is also working on projects that have nothing to do with Fable. “We’re primarily a Fable studio,” the developer said, “but we also make other games. We’re working on some projects that aren’t Fable-esque, which we can’t comment on yet,” Needham said.

In the past, Lionhead, then led by Peter Molyneux, also made games outside the Fable franchise. The studio developed Black & White for Electronic Arts, and the management game The Movies was made for Activision. However, the latter game came on the market in 2005, and after that the British studio only made games within the Fable franchise. Fable: Anniversary will be released for the Xbox 360 at the beginning of February. The studio also has Fable: Legends still in development, which will be released for the Xbox One.

With his statements, Needham confirms earlier rumors on the same subject. It was revealed last week that Lionhead was looking for a developer to work on Fable: Legends and an unannounced project, which the studio described as an “exciting and ambitious new project.”