Linux distro Linspire releases alpha version with Gnome and Linux kernel 5.15

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The Linux distro Linspire has released a new version with many major changes. The OS formerly known as Lindows has ditched KDE for Gnome and ships with Edge in version 12 alpha.

The developers behind Linspire have released a public alpha release of Linspire 12. That is a long-term support release, which provides even longer support than the standard twelve months that Linspire has recently given to distros. Linspire runs on the Linux 5.15 LTS kernel.

The most noticeable change in the operating system is that the KDE desktop environment has been replaced with Gnome. In practice, the operating system is much more similar to popular distros such as Ubuntu. The developers have also included ‘the full suite of Gnome multimedia players’ in the OS.

In addition to the Gnome change, Linspire gets the latest Thunderbird client installed, as do OnlyOffice 7.2 and Microsoft Edge 108.

The developers warn that the alpha version is not yet stable enough to run on production systems. There are several other known issues, including an issue with Dell and Sony systems with UEFI enabled. Also, the system can sometimes freeze when certain proprietary drivers are installed and images may be displayed incorrectly when the HDMI port is used.

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