Lenovo upgrades its ThinkPad P series of mobile workstations

Lenovo has announced new ThinkPad P mobile workstations. It concerns three powerful laptops, which are equipped with Intel processors of the Kaby Lake generation or Xeons. The GPUs are Nvidia Quadro models.

The ThinkPad P51 is a 15.6″ workstation that will be available in various configurations. Lenovo is building on the model with the P50 that appeared in 2015. Lenovo equips the model with, among other things, a Xeon E3 v6 processor, an Nvidia Quadro M2200M video card, up to 64GB ddr4 and up to 2TB storage.The highest quality screen choice is an IPS panel with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and a brightness of 300cd/m2.

The mobile workstation includes four USB 3.0 ports, mini-displayport 1.2, Intel Thunderbolt 3, gigabit ethernet, a smart card reader, expresscard and hdmi 1.4. Lenovo gives the option to install different Windows 10 variants, Ubuntu or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The starting price is 1399 dollars, converted and with VAT that comes down to 1584 euros. The workstation will be available in the US from April. It is unknown when the Benelux will follow.

The P51 also comes in a lightweight version in the form of the P51s: where the P51 has a take-off weight of 2.5 kilograms, that of the P51s is 1.95 kilograms. The s variant with 20mm is also a lot thinner than the P51 with its thickness of 25.9mm. Lenovo does not offer the option of integrating Xeons with the P51s and the video card is the Quadro M520M. The laptop battery is hot swappable. The laptop will be released in the US in March for a starting price of USD 1049.

The P71 has a 17.3″ screen with full-HD or UHD resolution. The specifications largely correspond to those of the P51, but the video card is the Quadro P5000. This card has a Pascal GPU with 2048 cuda- cores, a 256-bit wide memory bus and 16GB gddr5, making the laptop “vr ready” according to Lenovo. The starting price in the US is $ 1849. The laptop will be available in the US from April.

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