Lenovo seems to be working on Yoga Book 2 Pro

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Lenovo seems to be working on a successor to its Yoga Book, the striking convertible laptop with a touch-sensitive keyboard, which the company announced in 2016. The new version would work in conjunction with a Precision Pen.

The arrival of the Yoga Book 2 can be concluded from a registration with the Bluetooth SIG, which Tabletmonkeys noticed. Few details can be extracted from the data, but the new Yoga Book will at least function with a new stylus, which is called Yeti 2.0 Pen and Lenovo Precision Pen, which functions via bluetooth 4.2.

It is also clear that this stylus is based on active electrostatic technology, just like the sylus of the Microsoft Surface Pro, in contrast to the electromagnetic resonance technology of many Wacom tablets.

Lenovo announced the Yoga Book in 2016. The convertible 10.1″ tablet stood out with its touch-sensitive surface, the Create Pad, which could be used as a keyboard and as “sketch paper”, to create drawings with the pen that then appeared on the screen. Lenovo released a new version in 2017. 12.2″ version with Android and promised a Chrome OS variant. The latter never appeared.

The Yoga Book of 2016

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