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Netflix now also enters the comics with the magical The Magic Order

You may not know it, but Netflix took over comic-maker Millarworld last year and this project is the first result of that. The Magic Order is a six-part mini-series written by Mark Millar, the maker of Kick-Ass, Wolverine and Civil War, and is illustrated by Olivier Coipel, who previously also did Thor and Avengers.
The mini-series is about five families of wizards who secretly protect the world from all sorts of evils. The trailer shows what you can expect and it looks cool in any case. The makers say that it will appeal to people who grew up with Harry Potter but that the adult story makes the difference between YA fiction and The Magic Order. The first edition is from June 13th to get in the better comic case and although they do not explicitly say we assume that this will also be available in the Netherlands.

Make sure you’re quick

If you’re interested in this series, make sure you’re quick, because Netflix has already announced that there will not be a second print of the series. Since the distributors Image Comics are also convinced that this first run will be sold out, it becomes an expensive joke if you want to save this together at a later date. You have been warned!
Perhaps this is an experiment that ends with a live-action series on Netflix, the comic would turn out to be popular enough. It is a whole new way of creating content for Netflix and it is interesting to see how the video giant is now expanding with other types of media. The video service (or will we switch to entertainment service?) Will not want to take away from this announcement, but just assume that this kind of non-video projects will receive more and more attention from Netflix. As if we did not have enough to watch .

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