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Lenovo plans to sell ThinkPads with Fedora 32

Lenovo will ship the Linux distribution Fedora as standard on some ThinkPad laptops. The company is working with developer Red Hat on a pilot program that includes several ThinkPad with the distro.

The pilot is called Lenovo’s Linux Community Series – Fedora Edition writes Fedora Magazine. In that pilot, the manufacturer releases three laptops on which the standard Fedora 32 Workstation ships. These are the ThinkPad P1 Gen2, the ThinkPad P53, and the ThinkPad X1 Gen8 laptops. According to Fedora Magazine, other models may follow in the future.

Whether Fedora will also appear on other models depends on the success of the pilot. The ThinkPad laptops are only installed with software from official Fedora repos. As a result, Nvidia drivers are not installed, for example. Users can still install them themselves if they choose proprietary software sources.

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