Lenovo and NEC Show Prototype of 8″ Convertible with Switch-Like Controllers

Lenovo and NEC, who have a joint venture for PCs called LAVIE, are showing a prototype 8″ convertible and associated side-mounting controllers.

The companies call the device the LAVIE Mini and show the prototype at the virtual CES fair. A spec sheet is available with technical details, but the manufacturers only show renders in the announcement and speak of a prototype. It is not known whether a functioning version actually exists. Lenovo reports that it is still unknown whether the small convertible will actually come out.

According to the specifications, the device is a Windows PC with Intel Core i7-1180G7 processor, which is a frugal Tiger Lake quad-core with Xe GPU. The device would weigh 579 grams and be 17 mm thick. The 8″ screen is a touchscreen with a 16:10 ratio and resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, the maximum brightness is 400cd/m².

The convertible contains a 256GB M.2 SSD and a 26Wh battery and on the side are two USB 3.1 Gen2 connections with Type-C port. The keyboard has round keys and there is no room for a touchpad, but there is an optical touch sensor that serves as a mouse pointer.

The corresponding controllers work wirelessly and have the same layout as an Xbox controller. Lenovo and NEC have also designed a Gaming Dock, in which the convertible can be placed to continue playing on a TV.

Alienware Concept UFO

The prototype from Lenovo and NEC is reminiscent of the Alienware Concept UFO. That is also a prototype of a Windows 10 handheld, which was demonstrated at the CES fair last year. Alienware said it had been working on it for two years, but had no plans for an actual release yet. After the presentation at the fair last year, Alienware has not released any news about the Concept UFO.

Looking Back: Alienware Concept UFO at CES 2020

Windows 10 handheld consoles from Chinese manufacturers

Several lesser-known Chinese manufacturers are already producing Windows 10 gaming handhelds. GPD is one of the best known, the company has already released several versions and last year announced the GPD Win 3 with Tiger Lake processor and 5.5″ screen. There is also the AYA NEO Founder, with Ryzen 5 4500U- processor and the One Gx1 Pro, with Tiger Lake CPU.VideoCardz has an overview with specs of such handhelds online.

One Gx1 Pro