Leaked gameplay images indicate the arrival of a new Harry Potter RPG

A Reddit user has posted a trailer with gameplay footage and information about what is believed to be an unannounced Harry Potter game online. It would be a third-person action RPG in an open world, set in the Harry Potter universe.

According to the leaked information, the world from the game is set in the nineteenth century and it revolves around a character who was eventually admitted to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Strange things soon start to happen and it’s up to the player and Professor Elezar Fig to find out the truth. Known and unknown locations pass by.

During the quest, the player can brew potions, learn new spells and discover new beasts. There would be eight different types of wizards to choose from. There is also a system that offers countless possibilities to learn magic. Players can choose friends, form alliances and choose from an evil or benign path. The trailer will likely show Hogwarts, where quite a few magical spells are used.

The video was circulated by Reddit user Vapethisbro, who claims he was approached in a shopping center by a pollster asking if he wanted to watch the trailer and answer some questions about it. He was paid to watch the video. The use of telephones was not allowed, but that was not checked. So he was able to record.

It has been rumored for some time that Warner Bros. working on a big new Harry Potter RPG. The publisher took over Avalanche Software early last year, with multiple job openings that seemed to indicate an RPG in the Harry Potter universe that runs on the Unreal Engine 4. Avalanche Software is an American studio that previously worked on a canceled game from the Disney Infinity series. series has worked.