Jolla Introduces Sailfish OS 2.0

Jolla, the company behind Sailfish, will release version 2.0 of the mobile operating system this summer. The new version of Jolla includes a new interface and support for Intel chips.

In addition to the new interface and Intel support, Sailfish 2.0 will also receive new notifications and simpler operation thanks to the use of swipe gestures, Cnet reports. The company announced the new version of Sailfish at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and promises to add “privacy features” as well.

Sailfish 2.0 should make its way to phones this spring, including phones with Intel chipsets. Jolla is calling on companies in Japan and emerging markets like India and China to collaborate on Sailfish to “create an independent and competitive alternative to Android.” Sailfish is capable of running Android apps. Jolla was founded by former Nokia employees and has already made two devices running the first version of Sailfish, although the tablet is not yet available.