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John Mayer’s new video goes viral and you immediately see why

John Mayer has found a smart way to get attention for his new single New Light. On Twitter he suddenly came yesterday with the message on Twitter that he urgently needed a clip for his song but that no one could agree on a budget. In his own words, he went to a ‘place downtown’ that normally makes birthday videos and he has made an intense, clumsy video in which he is very badly stuck on a green screen background.

The video already starts with such a typical title card (or a pancarte, if you want to talk fancy) in which his name is spelled as “John Mayor” and from there it goes backwards. Mayer dancing on a mountain, Mayer swinging to himself with a zebra in between, Mayer pretending to play baseball, Mayer waving to a call center employee in the stock and Mayer three times as a singing head in the background able to sing along with the chorus.

He himself is completely in the mood, by the way. Mayer is dressed like someone who has just been rattled out of bed to open the door for the postman and so he looks at it too. He uses just about every stock scene that the video tent had, it seems, and that makes almost every scene meme-worthy. I can tell you about it for a long time, but it is really best if you take a look. I do not like John Mayer and I do not think the song is interesting, but that clip is fantastic.

It is always risky to use an intentionally bad video for promotion, because if you are not exactly bad enough to be fun again you have a problem. Mayer has no problem, he has a video that you will see in many GIFs back in the coming time and that way ‘ie – whether it is true or not how that video came about – his budget well spent .

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