Japanese government data breach affected by Fujitsu hack

Data from various Japanese government organizations was stolen after hackers granted themselves access to Fujitsu software. That writes ZDNet and was confirmed by the company. Fujitsu meanwhile took the software package offline and started an investigation.

According to the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, the hackers gave themselves access from Nakita Airport to ProjectWEB, a product management software package from Fujitsu that many Japanese government agencies use. The hackers were able to steal information about the airport’s air traffic and promptly notified the Japanese cybersecurity center.

On Wednesday, the Japanese ministries of infrastructure, transport and land reported that data was also stolen from them. According to these ministries, about 76,000 e-mail addresses were leaked and data from internet institutions was also stolen. The Japanese center for cybersecurity did not escape the dance either. They stole data from various local branches.

Fujitsu has now taken the product management software offline. The company confirmed to ZDNet that their systems had been compromised. “There has been unauthorized access to ProjectWEB. We are currently investigating the incident and are in close contact with both the parties involved and the Japanese authorities,” it said.