iOS 15 Public Beta is Out! This is how you install it on your iPhone

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iOS 15 Public Beta is Out now. Want to install the iOS 15 public beta? In this article, you will discover how.

Install iOS 15 Public Beta

With the iOS 15 public beta, you can already try out new features like the new Focus mode, Live Text in Photos, and SharePlay for FaceTime. Anyone who is interested and has a suitable iPhone can install this test version. This is free.

We show you how to install the test version and how you can possibly go back to iOS 14. We also explain how you can report bugs to Apple. After all, that’s what the beta is for; remove bugs from the new operating system, so that the software is stable enough at the official release. It is expected in September.

1. To the website

Want to install the iOS 15 public beta? On your iPhone, go to the Apple Beta Software Program website. Tap the blue Sign up button. On the next page, sign in with your Apple ID and follow the steps.

2. Add your iPhone

You will now land on a page with a ‘Guide for public betas’. You will now be presented with an entire leaflet about the betas, but important for now is only the link in the text: ‘Enroll your iOS device’. Tap it.

3. Download profile

On the next page, scroll to the ‘Download profile’ button and tap it. A notification about the download will appear: tap Allow. You can close the notification that the profile has been downloaded.

4. Install profile

Go to the Settings app and tap the “Profile Downloaded” notification near the very top. Then tap ‘Install’ at the top right and go through the steps. Tap “Restart” at the end.

5. Install iOS 15 Beta

After the restart, open the first Settings screen again. Tap General > Software Update. iOS searches for a new update and a little later the public beta of iOS 15 appears. Finally, tap on ‘Download and Install’.

6. Explore iOS 15 Features

After the installation is complete, you can start exploring all the new features. You can of course read which those are in our feature from page 20. We recommend the Focus mode and the renewed Weather app.

7. Report bugs to Apple

If you still encounter strange errors, you can report them to Apple. This is not mandatory, but desirable. The new Feedback app is on your iPhone for this. Reporting is done in no time, you will receive a clear explanation.

8. Back to iOS 14 again?

Do you still find the beta of iOS 15 a bit unstable? Downgrading back to iOS 14 is always an option. To do this, on your Mac, go to and download the latest version of iOS 14 for your iPhone.

9. Recovery

Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open it in the Finder sidebar. While holding down the Option key, click on ‘Check for update’ and select the just downloaded ipsw file. After a short installation, you have downgraded.

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