Intel will release Raptor Lake CPUs for laptops this year

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Intel will launch the first Raptor Lake desktop CPUs this fall and will launch mobile processors within the new chipset family later this year. The current Alder Lake P- and H-series mobile CPUs have only been available since the beginning of this year.

The official unveiling of the Raptor Lake generation is scheduled for September 27 and 28 at Intel Innovation, but CEO Pat Gelsinger makes the presentation the release periods of the CPUs are already known from the recent quarterly figures. “In today’s market, we see a relatively strong premium segment. (…) We plan to maintain that momentum with the release of the next generation: Raptor Lake. Starting with the desktop SKUs this fall, followed by the mobile family before the end of this year.”

According to previous rumors, the first new processors will be in the shops from October 17. That corresponds to the release of the Alder Lake K series, which was released on October 27 of last year. Mobile processors within the Alder Lake family did not hit the market until February this year; so it’s worth noting that Intel releases the two main types of CPUs within the same year this time.

Gelsinger promises “double digit” performance improvement with Raptor Lake, citing an improvement of at least ten percent. Of course it will vary by model how much performance improves, but early unofficial benchmarks seem to indicate a better performance thanks to the extra E-cores. Like the current generation of CPUs, Raptor Lakte uses the LGA-1700 socket and supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory.

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