Intel will announce this year whether new chip factory will be in the US or Europe

Intel plans to announce where it will build a new major chip factory this year. That will be in the United States or in Europe. Intel’s CEO expects ‘ten good years’ for the company.

Intel is going to announce the arrival of an additional ‘megafab’ before the end of a year and it will come in the US or Europe. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said during CNBC’s Evolve conference. The build is part of Intel’s strategy to offer Foundry Services, which means producing chips for designers who do not have production facilities of their own. The company is investing heavily in this. For example, it is investing $ 20 billion in the expansion of the Ocotillo campus in Arizona with two new fabs. Intel already has four chip factories there.

Those investments are paying off, according to Gelsinger. He expects a decade of good results: “I predict ten good years ahead of us as the world becomes more and more digital and everything digital needs semiconductors.” It is not known which locations the company has in mind in the US or Europe. Gelsinger previously mentioned Germany or the Benelux as suitable locations. Europe is strongly committed to expanding chip production in its territory and is negotiating this with Intel, TSMC and other semiconductor companies.

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon was also present at the Evolve conference. He and Gelsinger expressed concern about Nvidia’s planned acquisition of Arm. The United Kingdom is investigating the impact of that takeover on its national security.

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