‘Intel roadmap to end of 2016 shows details Broadwell-E and Skylake-S with edram’

A newly released roadmap that seems to come from Intel shows that in the last quarter of 2016, desktop chips of the Skylake generation with GT4e graphics will appear. The Broadwell-E processors are scheduled for the second quarter.

The roadmap that Benchlife publishes runs from the fourth quarter of 2015 to the end of 2016. Benchlife is a Taiwanese site that regularly publishes authentic Intel internal slides. One of the most notable introductions is the Skylake-S quadcores with GT4e graphics. These should succeed the Core i7-5775C: this Broadwell chip for the desktop has the GT3e, or the Iris Pro Graphics 6200.

Previously, only mobile processors were equipped with this kind of powerful integrated video chips with video cache. The GT3e GPU of the Core i7-5775C has 48 execution units and 128MB edram. Since this memory can also be used as a kind of L4 cache by the CPU, the chip also offers better gaming performance when combined with another video card.

The GT4e, which is coming to the new Skylake-S processor, has 72 eus. The tdp of the new chip is 65W but the fine print states that a 35W variant is being considered. Intel has already announced the GT4e GPU under the name Iris Pro Graphics 580 for the Skylake-H quad-cores for laptops. However, no processors with the GPU have yet appeared.

Whether there would also be a Skylake-S variant was unknown until now. At the same time as the Skylake-S quadcores with GT4e graphics, the Kaby Lake-S processors for desktops should appear at the end of 2016. Kaby Lake is the successor to Skylake, which is still produced at 14nm, but does contain optimizations. The Celerons for desktops of the Skylake generation will appear at the end of this year.

The roadmap also states that Broadwell-E, the high-end platform for overclockers and gamers, will be released in the second quarter of 2016. This line of processors will consist of hexacores, octacores and decacores, according to the planning. Details about the processor with ten cores appeared earlier.

The Kaby Lake dual cores with TDPs of 15 and 28W should appear in mid-2016. These processors are for laptops. Sometime between June and August, the production start of Apollo Lake is on the agenda. This is the successor of Braswell and intended for tablets and economical laptops. It is striking that the tdp seems to be variable: between 6 and 10W.