Intel retires Kaby Lake-X processors after less than a year

Intel halts production of Kaby Lake X processors. The decision comes about ten months after the introduction. These are the Core i7-7740X and the i5-7640X. Both are quad cores for the X299 platform.

The production stop of Kaby Lake-X is reported by Intel in a product change notification. In it, the manufacturer announces the end of life status of both the boxed and tray versions of the CPUs from May 7. Suppliers can order copies until November 30 this year at the latest. After that, orders can no longer be canceled and the CPUs can no longer be returned. Intel expects to deliver the last remaining copies by May 31 next year.

Intel announced the two Kaby Lake-X processors at the same time as the Skylake X models for the X299 platform. The i7-7740X and i5-7640X were mavericks, as they were basically lga2066 variants of lga1151 processors like the i7-7700K, for the much more expensive X299 platform. Intel itself marketed the Kaby Lake-X CPUs as processors that should be very suitable for overclocking.

Intel released the i7-7740X and the i5-7640X on June 26 last year. The production stop now more than ten months later is remarkably early, but also no surprise because the CPUs could not count on much enthusiasm. The Skylake X models that were released at the same time will still remain on the market.

Processor C/T Speed/Turbo L3 Cache Memory Support Pci-e-lanes Tdp Price
Core i7-7740X 4/8 4.3 / 4.5GHz 8MB ddr4-2666 16 112W € 209,-
Core i5-7640X 4/4 4.0/4.2GHz 6MB ddr4-2666 16 112W € 142,-