Intel releases Braswell socs for entry-level systems

Intel has added four new Braswell socs to its range without giving any publicity. These are dual-cores and quad-cores for entry-level desktops and laptops, which appear as Celeron and Pentium.

The Braswell-socs are produced at 14nm and consist of one or two ‘cpu modules’. Each module in turn consists of two Airmont cores. The first batch of three Celerons and the single Pentium are intended for use in entry-level laptops and desktops, according to Intel’s price list.

The 14nm chips follow the Bay Trail-D-socs produced at 22nm. Those processors have Silvermont cores and Braswell therefore has Airmont. Earlier this month, Intel introduced the first Cherry Trail-Atoms. The name Cherry Trail seems to use Intel as an umbrella for all 14nm-socs with Airmont, with Braswell to serve as the designation for desktop and laptop chips.

Intel has also added new Haswell-based Core i3s and Pentiums to its product list.

Model Cores /
TurboL2 cacheGraphicsMemory


Celeron N3000 2 / 2 1.04 / 2.08GHz 1MB Gen 8 LP ddr3-1600 4W
Celeron N3050 2 / 2 1.6 / 2.16GHz 1MB Gen 8 LP ddr3-1600 6W
Celeron N3150 4 / 4 1.6 / 2.08GHz 2MB Gen 8 LP ddr3-1600 6W
Pentium N3700 4 / 4 1.6 / 2.4GHz 2MB Gen 8 LP ddr3-1600 6W
Core i3-4170 2 4 3.7GHz 3MB HD 4400 54W
Core i3-4170T 2 4 3.2GHz 3MB HD 4400 35W
Core i3-4370T 2 4 3.3GHz 4MB HD 4600 35W
Pentium G3260 2 2 3.3GHz 3MB HD 53W
Pentium G3260T 2 2 2.9GHz 3MB HD 35W
Pentium G3460T 2 2 3GHz 3MB HD 35W
Pentium G3470 2 2 3.6GHz 3MB HD 53W