Intel invests billions to convert unused factory to 7nm

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Intel is investing $7 billion to convert Fab 42 into a 7nm chip manufacturing facility. The Arizona plant was initially intended for 14nm production, but was not commissioned as PC sales slumped.

Construction on the plant began in 2011 and was largely completed by 2014, but then Intel decided not to commission the $5 billion 14nm manufacturing facility for cost reasons. Fab 42 is now being converted into a 7nm chip manufacturing facility with a new investment of $7 billion over three to four years.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced the investment during a meeting with US President Donald Trump. According to Krzanich, the factory will create 3,000 jobs and will also employ 10,000 people for support tasks. The Intel CEO emphasizes that the company already does most of its research and production in the United States.

Fab 42 in its current state, Chandler, Arizona

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