Intel introduces 5G modem with eSIM for laptops

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Intel presents a 5G modem in M.2 format for laptops. The modem hardware is made in collaboration with the manufacturers MediaTek and Fibocom, Intel provides the software. The modem supports frequencies up to 6GHz.

Intel calls the M.2 add-in card the Intel 5G Solution 5000 and manufacturers such as Acer, ASUS and HP will release laptops this year with the modem, combined with Tiger Lake processors. According to Intel, the ‘momentum’ will continue next year and thirty different laptops will be available with the modem. There will also be laptops with Alder Lake processors.

The Intel 5G Solution 5000 features a 5G modem that operates on frequencies up to 6GHz, with a maximum download speed of 4.7Gbit / s and an upload speed of up to 1.25Gbit / s. The modem also supports 4G and 3G networks and features a built-in eSIM. According to Intel, the modem is suitable for use with mobile networks worldwide and the module works with Windows, ChromeOS and Linux.

Intel made 5G modems for smartphones a few years ago, but was unsuccessful. The manufacturer stopped developing modems for smartphones and sold that division to Apple for a billion dollars. After that, Intel started a partnership with MediaTek to make 5G modems for laptops.

Last year, MediaTek presented its T700 modem for laptops. The manufacturer then said that this modem would be released in early 2021. Intel may be using this modem in the module, although it says nothing about that at the announcement.

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