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Intel allows anti-virus programs gpu

 Intel allows antivirus programs on Windows to use the gpu to complete scans faster. That makes the processor maker known. Windows Defender is the first program to deploy Intel GPUs.

Intel calls the technique Accelerated Memory Scanning and it will work on systems with an Intel Core processor of the sixth generation, Skylake, and higher. On those systems, Windows Defender will be able to use the gpu, where the percentage of cpu power required by the application will decrease from 20 percent to 2 percent according to Intel.
This means that scanning the computer for viruses would have less impact on the performance of the computer. the PC and also require less power. Other antivirus programs can also use Accelerated Memory Scanning, but it is still unknown if and when they will do that.
Intel also presents Advanced Platform Telemetry. An algorithm looks at how software behaves normally and tries to find deviant patterns in for example data centers. For example, the number of false positives must decrease and the algorithm must also find malware that is still unknown. Both techniques are part of a package of measures that should prevent a second series of leaks such as Specter and Meltdown according to Intel.

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