Instagram will not warn you when creating screenshot Stories

We thought that creeping would be a thing of the past when Instagram announced in February to issue warnings when someone in the app made a screenshot of your Story. However, turns out to be insane enough that the test in which that function was started has been stopped, and that the function will not be rolled out widely.

The warning in the screenshot of direct messages on Instagram remain, because they were there before this test started. Unfortunately, Instagram did not want to answer the question why the function did not work, so we will have to guess. Perhaps the test was stopped because there were still a lot of ways to circumvent security, such as turning your phone into flight mode or simply taking a screenshot from the web version of Instagram .

Funny enough it means that Instagram has taken one thing less from Snapchat because this function was and still is in the competition. The reactions of people are very positive on this development, so apparently there are more than enough users among us who like it that they can continue with unpunished screenshots.

You can still see who watched your Story all by swiping up, so as an Instagram user you still have an idea of ​​who you are viewing.