A camera that talks to you?

Cameras nowadays are in many places, which capture everything. Everywhere we are being watched and camera images are available from many places. At Purdue University researchers have taken cameras one step further: cameras that can communicate.

This camera system is called PHADE, where cameras can communicate with the smartphone. This communication takes place via movement patterns, instead of by an IP address. This means that hackers can not trace the physical location of people.

How does it work?

The camera can track individual pedestrian movement patterns live. Based on where the pedestrian is, information can be sent from the camera that is connected to the place of movement. If the pedestrian’s phone identifies the same location of motion as the camera, the information is received on the phone.

What does this look like in practice? For example, it can be used in museums, where people can receive information about the painting they are looking at. In addition to a useful source of information, the researchers think that such a camera system can also contribute to the safety of pedestrians. Through the system people can be warned when they are being chased.

But how does this camera system relate to the privacy of people ? Do not we feel even more in the eye? On the other hand, we are already being watched. And if such a system can really provide more security, we might be better off embracing it.