Instagram considers videos to last up to an hour

Instagram is apparently working on a new possibility that could seriously change the service. According to the WSJ it would be ready to roll out a new feature that lets users post very long videos. The maximum length at this moment is 60 seconds, but that could possibly be stretched to a full hour! Instagram is currently in consultation with content creators and publishers about how longer video is going to take shape in the app, so the plan is far from being engraved in stone and you should still see it as a rumor.

That length of one hour also seems like a big step to make for a service that until now had to have the bite-sized videos. Instagram is not YouTube but for a lot of content it could be with the growth of the video length. Even if the plans are scaled down to, for example, a quarter of an hour or half an hour, that fundamentally changes the possibilities of Instagram. The chance that there will be a change is therefore life-size.

Reserve YouTube

Many content creators could easily fill a 15-minute segment every day, just like they do on YouTube, but then the basics of what Instagram is meant for will change a lot. Now it is not a real secret that Facebook update update is busy adjusting Instagram until it is Facebook light for the generation that Facebook has dropped but still.

If the videos really get a lot longer, Insta also goes after YouTube for daily content, although the algorithm or has to work perfectly. If you go full on Instagram and no one sees your videos passing by, of course it does not stop.