Microsoft introduces Windows Collaboration Displays

Microsoft has announced a new product category on the Computex: Windows Collaboration Displays. These are large interactive business screens for teams, with integrated sensors for Azure IoT capabilities.

The large screen runs Windows 10 and is primarily intended for use with Microsoft 365 collaboration tools such as Office Teams and Whiteboard. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the screens can be connected to new Azure IoT properties with regard to ‘spatial intelligence’.
Here Azure IoT analyzes data about the environment, which according to Microsoft can be used for so-called ‘smart buildings’. Among others, the Winvision is experimenting with this . This is a joint venture between the construction company Heijmans and the CSU cleaning company, which gains real-time insight into the occupancy rate and conditions on working floors.
Examples of how Windows Collaboration Displays can make use of the spatial intelligence gives Microsoft not and further specifications of the screens are missing as yet. Microsoft cooperates with Sharp and Avocor in the development of large displays. Later this year, several types of the new type of screen should be available.