‘Insta360 releases modular One R action camera’

The Chinese Insta360 seems to announce the arrival of the One R. In an apparently prematurely published and now deleted message, No Film School reports the necessary details, including that it is a modular design. Insta360 recently released a teaser.

The One R is a modular action camera that builds around a core unit, called The Core. This is where the image processing, recording and monitoring functions are handled. This core can be supplemented with a detachable battery part, but also with a base with a larger battery that is also suitable for the use of a tripod.

Furthermore, various ‘lenses’ can be placed, such as a double unit that records images at both the front and the back for a 360-degree recording, but there is also a Leica lens that can be used for recordings in 5k. Image processing is built into the various lenses, so shooting options differ depending on which lens is used.

Once the desired parts are put together, it forms a whole that closely resembles the form factor of a traditional action camera. The One R is therefore compatible with GoPro mounts and the monitor to view the images on seems to be able to be placed on either the front or the back. The device is water resistant to ipx8 to a depth of five meters, but there are protective covers that further improve that.