Inspection shows 210W adapter from Xiaomi

An inspection has surfaced of a Xiaomi adapter, which shows a maximum power of 210W. Until now, Xiaomi phones can charge up to a maximum of 120W, although the manufacturer has already shown a prototype of a 200W phone charger.

The adapter can be seen in the CCC database, says fan site Xiaomiui. That is a mandatory certification in China. The adapter, with the type number MDY-13-EU, has an output of up to 20V at 10.5A, good for a total of 210W. There is also a profile for an output of 178W, in addition to more common outputs of 15W, 27W and 66W among others.

Xiaomi already has adapters with type numbers such as MY-13-EE, MDY-13-EF and MDY-13-EG. Those are the manufacturer’s 120W adapters for phones that can charge at that speed. Xiaomi already showed a prototype of a 200W charger. This means that a 4000mAh battery can be fully charged in eight minutes. Many phones have a battery capacity of around 5000mAh.

Xiaomi has not yet commented on the certification. The manufacturer often announces a higher charging speed with a new high-end model. It has just presented the 12S phones, which can charge at 67W and 120W.

CCC Approval Xiaomi 210W Adapter