Code indicates that Google Pixel tablet does not have GPS or proximity sensor

The Google Pixel tablet, which the manufacturer briefly mentioned at its developer conference I/O in May, probably has no GPS or mobile internet. A developer inferred that from the code Google has committed to the device.

The Google Pixel tablet is believed to run a first-generation Tensor soc, reports Kuba Wojciechowski. That’s the same soc as in the Pixel 6a and Pixel 6. The upcoming Pixel 7 phones will get a newer soc.

The tablet also has no proximity sensor or barometer, which indicates the cheapest possible tablet. According to the developer, this is in line with an earlier rumor that the tablet can only run 64-bit apps, so that the tablet can use less memory and storage.

However, the tablet can probably serve as Nest Hub, the smart speaker with screen that Google makes. Among other things, the Nest Hub can perform voice commands and display digital photos from the Google Photos web storage service. Google already mentioned the tablet on I/O, but then showed little more than an image. The search giant wants to release the tablet next year.

Image Google Pixel tablet teaser via Google