Samsung: One UI 6.0 for Galaxy phones fixes unwanted app killing

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Samsung will release One UI 6.0 for its Galaxy phones later this year to combat unwanted app killing. From then on, Samsung software will respect the APIs in Android for performing tasks in the foreground and background.

One UI 6.0 is based on Android 14 and contains the APIs that unify the execution of tasks in the background, reports Google. Samsung is the first manufacturer to say it will adhere to the APIs to ensure that apps made for it can perform their tasks in the background.

Smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung and Xiaomi, often kill apps in the background to save the battery and thus extend the battery life. This does not often lead to problems, but sometimes it has undesirable results. The new features for ‘foreground service types‘ for specifying tasks and ‘user initiated data jobs‘ for downloads and uploads in the background should fix that.

After the upgrade to One UI 6.0, this is only the case for apps that were already made for Android 14 and adhere to the new rules around foreground and background tasks. One UI 6.0 is expected to be released this fall. It is unknown whether other manufacturers will also follow the new policy.

Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra

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