Increase the sound of your iPhone even more

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This week we gave you a tip about turning the iPhone volume just a little bit softer. But maybe you just want the music to be a bit louder! For example, if you are in a noisy environment and the sound from the speakers is not sufficient. This is how you turn up the iPhone sound.

Turn up the iPhone sound

In the settings of your iPhone, you will find an option that makes the sound of your iPhone sound a little louder.

  • Go to ‘Settings> Music> Equalizer’.
  • Tap ‘Late at night’.

We dare not say whether your iPhone will actually produce more decibels with this (we are waiting) the decibel meter in watchOS 6). But something is changed in the tones of the music, making it seem clearer and louder. We wouldn’t try it with the highest volume on headphones or earphones …

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