PlayStation 4 will soon have to be restarted less often after a system update

Sony has started distributing the beta version of firmware update 7.00 for the PlayStation 4. One of the novelties is that users will have to restart their consoles less often with future system updates.

Users of the Resetera forum have received the beta of the update and are reporting what innovations it brings. This shows that the new firmware ensures that the console does not always have to be restarted with future system updates. When the user has checked Automatic downloads of system files, he will hardly notice anything of this kind of updates according to the description.

Also new in firmware update 7.00 is the improved Party function. Players can now organize Party sessions with up to sixteen friends; twice as much as before. In order to test this function, it is necessary that the other users also participate in the Beta Trial.

Firmware Update 7.00, available only to registered PS4 Beta Trial users for now, is the most significant update since version 6.50 released in March. Beta Trial members have been given invites to hand out to others to test the new Party functionality.